Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Hypnotic regression therapy refers to using the hypnotic state to access memories that might otherwise not be accessible. The memory could be from this life, or as some claim, from a past life.
Obviously, the question of past lives is controversial in and of itself. Many people are understandably skeptical. And even if someone believes past lives and do occur they may question whether or not memories of those lives are really accessible through hypnosis.
However, there are certainly a large number of interesting case studies suggesting that hypnotic regression to a past life is possible.

Some people explore hypnotic regression to remember a past life simply out of curiosity. Others do so because they hope to resolve or explain a problem in their current life.
Although you can explore hypnotic regression on your own, it would probably be best to work with a therapist if you’re using regression to help you deal with a serious problem or if you suspect that you may have a traumatic suppressed memory.

A typical regression begins with entering a relaxed hypnotic trance. Although the suggestions to bring up a memory vary, one general approach is to suggest to the subject that they are going to recall a specifically significant past life. The first time a person tries a regression, the therapist often suggests that they remember a particularly happy past life. It gets the person used to the process without having to take on difficult issues as they do.
At this point, the more you are able to trust the information that comes to you, the more you will be able to move further along, and the more vivid and clear everything will be. Answering questions is one way to bring up details.

For example, in a regression the therapist might ask if you are inside or outside. They might ask you to notice what clothes you’re wearing. Most people find that they are able to answer these questions and as they do so the details of their past life memories are fleshed out.
Of course the question comes up with or not these are actual memories or just figments of a person’s imagination. In a way, it doesn’t matter. Whatever comes up is a valid portion of the person’s subconscious mind. Looking at it in that light, it can yield useful insights regardless of whether it’s an actual memory of a past life. However keep in mind that memories that surface under regression may not be completely accurate and great care should be taken before acting on the basis of such a memory, especially if it means accusing someone else of inappropriate or illegal behavior. Even our standard memories don’t always accurately reflect what happened.

For example, people who witness the same event often assign very different meanings to it based on their own experiences. It is probably safest to consider memories that come up during regression as representative of the meaning you assigned to the past and not necessarily representative of an absolute truth.
With that in mind, if you are ready to learn from a past life or are just curious about what might come up, go ahead and give hypnosis regression therapy a chance. You really don’t have anything to lose, and a lot that can be gained.

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